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Optimize Your Psychology to transform your physiology and Change Your Life

An Algorithm to Extraordinary living. RED High Performance Coaching will help you create optimum levels of personal/ professional performance, health fitness and vitality. Fully customized to Your Unique Self.

Life coaching for personal development

Life coaching

for personal development

Think of mental capacities to learn new concepts, understand and process information from your surroundings whilst applying emotional appraisals as a SUPERPOWER. Everyone has it, not everyone has mastered its use. RED Mind Transformation Coaching creates mind mastery.

mindset coaching for professional development

Pro-Mindset Coaching

For professional development

Coaching designed for professionals and executives. The Pro-Mindset coaching for building a better company with greater focus on Mental & Physical Health, Fitness & wellness.

body coaching for professionals & personal

Body coaching

for professionals & personal

A Comprehensive Algorithm for longevity and wellness. The RED Body transformation coaching programs gives you guidelines based on the latest health, nutrition and longevity research. And will provide the knowledge and expertise required to create spectacular physical transformation.


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Self confidence for HIGH Performance
Self confidence for HIGH Performance

Self Development Coach | Self masterySelf confidence: One of the strongest character traits of a successful individuals is.One of the most studied and researched characteristics of highly successful individuals is Self-Confidence. HOW an individual perceives...

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The art of behavior Change: part 2
The art of behavior Change: part 2

Behavior Change, replacing an undesirable habit with a better one or simply learning a new skill requires time & effort. When we talk about “change” of Behavior we generally think of a particular “DOING”~ ACTIVITY.

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RED mind & body life coaching

Self development coaching

Coaching designed for personal development

Sleep & stress management

Improve the quality of your night rest to increase the quality of your life

Mindfulness Meditation

A mind undirected will act like an ejected bullet without an aim

Pure Nutrition Lifestyle & Weight Management

Coaching designed to approach health, nutrition and longevity

Fitness & ATHLETE Performance

Coaching based on individual requirements, goals and desires

Mind | body | emotional | mastery

RED Philosophy



Changing the psychology to change the physiology. Mindset-Emotional-mastery program designed using Stoic philosophy, NLP, CBD, Naikan therapy and Sedona method.



Systematically designing movement program using extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and applied kinesiology to create desired level of health, fitness, vitality and athletic performance.



A algorithm based on carefully analyzed baseline information for each client and clibiration of what needs to be done through functional medicine principles to create elevated states of health/longevity, disease prevention & high performance living.

MIND | Body | transformation | life coaching

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Fitness & Athlete Performance coaching

If it was easy to get results in the gym, then coaches like myself wouldn’t be necessary. Unfortunately, simply “lifting weights” exercising will unlikely bring about specifics desires such as body transformation and getting to the best competition shape an athlete possibly can.

Bahar Alexander

“Bahar is a being of inspiration and wisdom and is an all round beautiful soul. This woman has taught me many lessons over the past five years including the fact that you can do anything, be anything and conquer all the obstacles along the way with the right mindset.”

– Kylie –

“This training truly raised the level of my game. Bahar’s advice on training, form and nutrition was immensely profound and thought through – and combined with spot-on motivation to keep me going. Thanks a lot!”


“I became a yoga teacher about 4 years ago and you, as my first teacher in Doha, have been a great inspiration to do so.”


“Bahar has helped me in many ways, not only reshaping my body, but also growing stronger physically and mentally and all of my physical complaints have been resolved. My skin has is glowing and plump again, my body is toned and my mind full of energy.”