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About RED

THE RED Philosophy

RED STOIC WAY OF LIFE for MIND & Body Transformation is a system of self development Coaching designed to dissect through the piles of rubbish information out there on mental Resilience, Health and Fitness. This is the only self development program on the market today which focuses on all elements of high performance living in mind & body. Designed to teach you what will work best for you whilst creating mind, body and emotional mastery to take you from ordinary human beings to extraordinary superhumans.









Changing the psychology to change the physiology. Mindset-Emotional mastery program designed using Stoic philosophy, NLP, CBD, Naikan therapy and Sedona method.

On happiness & mindset

You would think that not having to run away from the saber toothed tiger, put up with drought, infectious disease & hunger, having access to anything and everything we desire with abundance of technology and healthcare would make us the happiest of the Human race. That with economic welfare and ability to travel to the far corners of the world in matter of hours we would have no reason to be unhappy, depressed and burned out.

Sadly, today we have more depressed people walking around than any generation ever has. Stress has become the emotional equivalent of Cancer in our new age with more people committing suicide than die of any other cause. This is due to the fact that our OLD ways are inadequate in coping with the modern day intensely tech driven society which requires a whole new set of mental and emotional tools to manouver efficiently.



Systematically designed movement program using extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and applied kinesiology to create the desired level of health, fitness, vitality and athletic performance.

On Fitness

Have you ever wondered how it is possible for anyone to “go to the gym” consistently and still be overweight and not in optimal state of health?

The words Fitness & Exercise or “training” have become the trendy words used to portray a fit version of ourselves whilst subconsciously knowing darn well that we are not being all we can be in the “Fit” department. Jumping from one type of training to the other and playing twister with fad-diets and detox plans have become the good old sensible healthy living.
We know so much that we have lost all clues about what truly works FOR OUR UNIQUE SELVES.



RED Pure Nutrition, which is NOT A FAD DIET but an Algorithm based on carefully analyzed baseline information for each client and calibration of what needs to be done through FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE principles to create elevated states of Health/Longevity, Disease prevention & High Performance Living.

On nutrition

According to Worldometers statistics, annually 60 million dollars is spent on weight loss diets/products and tools. There are more than 1 billion overweight adults globally, the majority of which have gone on 1 or more diets in their lifetime.

Only 5% of the dieters actually manage to maintain their results with 95% of this population regaining the body fat lost + some extra kg’s plus the devastating side effects of yoyo dieting including plummeting metabolism amongst many more.

In the past Century the greatest limitation to our personal growth was censorship. In the 21st century the greatest threat to our Personal growth is being flooded by OVER INFORMATION, making it impossible for us to know what to do or pay attention to”
(Yuval Noah Harari)