“Monday-Blues” or “Motivation-Monday?

Monday; the truth

The Truth is, no matter how “Mentally Tough”; you may have Monday’s..or simply days when you wake up feeling “suboptimal”: not quite rested, not ready to start the new day..new week, feeling low on energy & less than motivated..never mind INSPIRED.

Now, you have two choices at this very moment: 1) stay with this sub-optimal level of mental wellness & allow it to hijack your entire day…days ORRRRR 2) you can step between your imaginary sense of wellbeing -and- reaction to it…CHOOSE A BETTER FEELING THOUGHT & action!
“Your mind is NON-Prejudice, it will believe whatever crappy or feel good thought you feed it.”

“ My Mantra For today: My heart is light & my mind Focused, I will LIVE in THIS MOMENT Fully!”

If you are among the wise who choose option 2, this is your 4 step plan to FEELING EMPOWERED INSTANTLY : 1) Get up and stretch your body like a superhero. This will immediately put you in a physical state to allow more positivity! 2) Take 5 deep nasal breaths counting 5 sec on the inhale & 8 on the exhale. This will calm your mind and bring about clarity/tranquility of mind, while SUPERCHARGING your Brain waves putting you in Beta state of mindset. 3) Pick a powerful Mantra to say out loud and repeat internally throughout the day. Something which feels AUTHENTIC to Who YOU ARE! Last but not least 4) Notice 3 things YOU are GRATEFUL for Today & move with gratitude today. This will be the finishing touch to your NEW STATE of Mental Wellbeing and put you instantly on a trajectory to EXPERIENCE TODAY FULLY

“It is my life’s calling to teach people how to live longer, healthier lives without physical limitations while pursuing their ultimate dreams”

Myths & Truths of “Diet Detox”

Welcome to the new age of Nutritional Deprivation, A.K.A. DETOXING

As long as “vanity” has existed, the quest for quick results in Body transformation through extreme measures have been blazing their path in to our lives & minds.
The Old ways such as Atkins & Vinegar Diets have now given way to a new Extreme called: “Detox Diet”. Let me start 1st and foremost by bursting your bubble: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS QUICK & LASTING RESULTS. This is true for success in all aspects of life as much as for our quest for a fit body & Weight loss.

The myths

From every 50 books you find nowadays on the shelves of the book stores forcing your eyes to come and take a glance, more than half are ones covering Diets and promising the secret to the body of your dreams. At least half of these books dedicate their pages to some sort of DETOX for this Toxic Body we have created.
From the Water Detox to Juicing Detox all the way to the rest of the batch, they prescribe extreme Eliminations, Exclusions & Nutritional fallacies.

Show me 1 person who has successfully managed to stick to one of these Insane measures for more than a year and has managed to keep the weight off through these extreme detox measures?!

The truths

Our Bodies are remarkably designed machines with one most important Job they undertake on a daily basis: ELIMINATION of TOXINS.

Our Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys & Intestines are working tirelessly at Cleaning out our internal system of all garbage & toxins we come in contact with through our environment, unhealthy Nutritional lifestyles as well as the excessive exercise some of us impose on our bodies.

The Truth is that, if would only create the proper environment for Success, Our Bodies are capable of Detoxing themselves. It is only when we try, all in “good intention” to alter the process through taking extreme measures; that we devastate the body’s natural capabilities to Lose Fat & Build Muscle!

Creating a Natural Detoxing Machine

What will work wonders for your Body’s natural Detoxing process will also be the Secret to unlocking your Fat Cells and propelling your Body into the right Healthy Lifestyle Direction while helping you hit every Fitness Milestone.

5 Imbalanced Daily Nutrition

1. drink water

Start & end your Day with an 8 oz glass of water and Drink a 4-8 oz glass 1 hour before as well as 1 hour after every meal or snack.

2. Prevent Overconsumption of calories

If your Lifestyle requires that you sit most of the day: Keep your meal count at a maximum of 4 ( the 6-7 meals a day plan is only for those who are very active which means their body’s are capable of flushing the system with higher accuracy at a higher speed!!!)

3. Add water rich Vegetables & leafy greens

to the majority of your meals: at least 2/3 of each meal serving should be consisting of these naturally Detoxing Ingredients.

4. Eliminate

Most if not All pre packaged/highly processed meals: These unnatural intruders should not be allowed into your sacred home= Your BODY ( Food coloring, perseveres, modified sugars & fats, high fructose death syrup…ect)

“Fast Food”: Usually fried, highly processed & very high in Fat/salt/ modified sugar content which counter the body’s potent natural Detoxing System

Sugary drinks and Soda & Cigarettes! (Why the hell are you still smoking? When not if you die young, can I have your car? J)

Excessive sleep deprivation: Yes, you are reading this correctly!
Our Body’s do most of their Detoxing and healing as we sleep. You must prioritize with your rest & recuperation (7-8 hours per night) over everything else.

5. Limit or Eliminate Alcohol consumption

This substance will have a detrimental effect on the most important Detox-Organ of the Body: The Liver.
No, “going dry” during the week and drowning yourself over the weekend does not make the damage any less but worse! Find other ways to get your “Happy Mode” on; Like EXERCISE!

“It is my life’s calling to teach people how to live longer, healthier lives without physical limitations while pursuing their ultimate dreams”