Recalibration is the KEY to creating continuous Success


“It is no longer enough to set goals, you must become accustomed to recalibration.”
To live a life of continuous self improvement and ultimately success is to live a life of consistent recalibration: you move & your target also moves, so if you stay the same you will miss
your hit.

So often people plateau on their journeys to success, be it on a personal or professional level; not because they are setting suboptimal goals. It is 9 out of 10 times the resistance to personal evolution which causes the dreaded “frozen in time” feeling. “What got you moving is not enough to keep you in momentum”. GOALS must be thrown out of the window & replaced when they no longer serve you. Continuous growth requires continuous recalibration of the “Why” as well as the “What” & the “How”.

“It is my life’s calling to teach people how to live longer, healthier lives without physical limitations while pursuing their ultimate dreams”