Set Yourself Up for Success

Whether aiming for professional or personal success, 3 common culprits frequently inhibit reaching our goals:

Lack of Knowledge of the Requirements

Lack of Self

Lack of

All leading to the dreaded :


Why we choose to ignore these three requirements for success is because we hope or assume ; there will be an easier way to accomplish success.

While our attempts may not all be flawed; our poor planning (without taking these three elements into account) will cause a plateau effect if not complete demise of our mission.

Take Control of your outcomes by following these 3 steps:

1. Create self awareness

This requires being painfully honest with oneself and realizing that just because we desire something not all can be within our grasp (I’d love to be a 6 foot model, but am short and muscular, a fact to live). One example of Lack of Self-awareness is the Good willed individual thinking they can start a Marathon practice when they have never even run for 5 minutes in their entire lives. A Self-aware individual will plan to make running a part of their daily routine, build up strength, stamina and joint stability while setting a long term plan to part take in a Marathon.

2. Educate yourself

Every Goal we set out to reach will require a certain skill set which needs to be learned, practiced as well as mastered to guarantee success. Educate yourself on what is required to accomplish this Particular goals. This will enable you to set clear & realistic goals which can be accomplished in a progressive manner leading to Success.

3. Set Realistic Goals

For any Goal to be accomplished; there needs to be a Realistic understanding of time required to build a foundation, to create progressive & incremental improvement which lead to ultimate success.

Set up for Success with S.M.A.R.T. goal planning



be clear and decisive about what it is which you intend to Accomplish. Write this down and keep it as a reminder somewhere visible for daily remembrance.



your goals must be meaningful to you 1st and foremost. External motivation will fade sooner or later; You Must Continue to find reasons Why YOU need this particular Success!



it is absolutely crucial to break your goal down into smaller ATTAINABLE
goals which will not only contribute to Self-Motivation to follow through but also allow for building of a solid foundation for ultimate success which will not collapse at the 1st sign of Adversity.



when there is knowledge of the requirements for Success as well as Self- Awareness; you will be able to set realistic smaller goals which you can accomplish



It is particularly important to give yourself deadlines for accomplishing Micro (short-term 4-10 weeks) as well as Macro goals (6-12 months or more).

In conclusion, to set yourself up for success, read, practice and internalize these three steps and you will get there!

“It is my life’s calling to teach people how to live longer, healthier lives without physical limitations while pursuing their ultimate dreams”