Designed for children

Body & mind coaching for children

up to 18 years

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Coaching designed for children

We will focus on:

BMI management and dealing with blood sugar fluctuations

School lunches and healthy snacking

Eating for optimal mental and physical performance

Eating for ADD, ADHD and sleep disorders as well as other health limitations such as type 1-2 diabetes

Resolving health issues such as skin disorders, very low body weight, stress symptoms

Energy management & Physical movement


15 min free phone, Skype consultation
Single Consultation* (30 min) in person/by phone or skype € 39,75
  • General information and advice/tips for specific goals and inquiry.
    *only 1 time per client

Intake in person or by skype (60 min+)€ 150,-

Coahing session (60min)€ 85,-

Packages on request, case by case and client specific