Designed for professionals & executives

Mind transformation life coaching

for professional development

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Coaching designed for Professionals and Executives

We will focus on

Increase Productivity and Communication for Leadership

Communicate Effectively, Covey with Clarity & Convince (Charisma development for leadership) 

Decrease absentees and Stress related incidents

Building a better company with greater focus on Mental & Physical Health, Fitness & wellness

Life Mapping and Personal Development for Professional Success

Dealing with Midlife Transition, Assistance with Career Change


Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP )

Cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT )

Stoic Philosophy



Intake session (60min) in person or via skype: Goals, Limitations, Personality, Tendencies and Skills Analysis

1 on 1 coaching session

One on one or via skype 60 min coaching session ( 1 per 2-4 weeks)

Setting goals

Developing a customized- individualized program, goal setting


Feedback loop and accountability for continuous development and self-efficacy


Email support & scheduled Phone support between sessions (maximum 15 min)

By the end of the program you will have

Increase Productivity for yourself and employees

Discovering Leadership Strengths and room for improvement

Increased Employee accountability
Increased Solution Oriented Mindset
Improved Leadership: improved communication, conveying, convincing power
Stress Management and Life-Work Balance
Improved Company Culture
Clarity on Message, Vision, Mission
Improved personal skills in Emotional Resilience, Communication
Lower absentee due to Stress, Burnout and Health Conditions
Moving in a New Life & Professional Direction with Vitality and Clarity


Initial intake € 245,75

Individual consultations € 150,-

packages tailored to requirements & timeline