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the samurai Sword training

Created by Ilaria Montagnani, FORZA, which means “strength” in Italian, uses Samurai Sword Training to build a stronger Body and Mind. Performing graceful, controlled movements with wooden swords, students sculpt lean muscles while cultivating inner focus.

FORZA, a unique approach to building physical and mental strength; is a full-body workout which burns calories, builds upper-body and core strength and tones the leg muscles.

Every Wednesday 18:30 & Sunday 11:00


Legend Fitness & Health
Jan Thijssenweg 14 A
2495AH Den Haag
Introduction class: Free of charge
For prices contact: Legend Fitness & Health
If NOT Flexible in Body or Mind we’re Breakable in both

Yoga & Pilates

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Pilates: both methods are used in creating a deeper understanding of Optimal Vitality whilst creating a greater level of fitness, Longevity, Balance and coordination, Hormonal balance as well as assisting in joint mobility and Stress Management.

Private session 60 min. € 85,-

package of 5 sessions € 403,75

package of 10 session € 850,-

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