A Comprehensive Algorithm for Longevity and Wellness

Pure Nutrition
Lifestyle & Weight Management

body transformation coaching

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Approach to Health, Nutrition & Longevity

All Guidelines are based on the latest Health, Nutrition and Longevity research.

Will provide

Complete Current Nutritional, Lifestyle and limitations for longevity analysis

Nutritional Guidelines with consideration

for age, gender, Physiological dispositions (Body type), Level of activity, Future Fitness Goals, Medical Conditions (Such as IBS, Gluten intolerance etc.)

Nutritional Guidelines for those dealing with Metabolic Syndrome (High Blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, High Cholesterol)

Guidelines For EATING on the road & as you travel

Body Transformation

burn fat & build muscle

Sport Nutrition for Athletic Training

Teaching Truths about Dieting

Teaching coping methods

Internal (physical) & External (family life, work and social) factors limiting healthful behaviour and its consistency

Providing skills for Healthy lifestyle goal setting

behavioural optimization for Healthful living

Changing relationships with Food and Exercise

Breaking through weight (body fat) plateau’s & sluggish metabolism


15 min free phone, Skype consultation
Single Consultation* (30 min) in person/by phone or skype € 39,75
  • Review obstacles, objectives and needs. Advice on how to make sound decisions with food choices. Client can ask questions and take notes (on written information or planning will be given) . Discuss different packages & future appointments.
    *only 1 time per client

Intake in person or by skype (60 min+)€ 150,-

Coahing session (60min)€ 85,-

  • In depth testing and questionnaire & baseline health/body/eating patterns analysi
  • Customized Nutritional guidelines to work towards goals & objectives.
  • Follow-up appointments by phone/skype or in person (additional costs will apply)

Or choose for our Accelerate Package

Take your Health and Fitness to the next level: amplified results due to fully personalized Nutritional & Fitness algorithm

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€ 900,-