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Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Coaching designed for self development

RED Mind Transformation Coaching will provide a Management system for your UNTAPPED potential. And take your LIFE optimization to levels beyond your comprehension.

“Think of Mental Capacities to Learn new concepts, Understand and Process Information from your surroundings whilst applying emotional appraisals as a SUPERPOWER: everyone has it, not everyone has mastered its use.”

We will focus on:

Mindset approach and Positive Focus

Discovering Personal Strengths and room for improvement

Self Esteem

Emotional Appraisals and coping Tendencies

Carrier loss, Divorce, Illness and Depression

Assistance for MidLife Transition

Clarity on Goals and Goal Setting


Moving beyond Fear & Decision making

Social skills and overcoming PTSD


NLP, CBT, Naikan & Sedona methods in mindset coaching to create a catalyst for self-actualization.



Intake session (60min) in person or via skype: Goals, Limitations, Personality, Tendencies and Skills Analysis

1 on 1 coaching session

One on one or via skype 60 min coaching session ( 1 per 2-4 weeks)

Setting goals

Developing a customized- individualized program, goal setting


Feedback loop and accountability for continuous development and self-efficacy


Email support & scheduled Phone support between sessions (maximum 15 min)

By the end of the program you will have

Clarity on Limitations, skills & goals
Increased Self-Efficacy: Ability to independently continue the journey to further development

Increased Self-Esteem and ability to recognise personal tendencies as well as correcting behaviour

Increased Emotional Endurance and Resilience
Coping strategies with Emotional disturbances
Creating a New Outlook on Life and Preventing Fall back into old Behavioral tendencies


Initial intake € 175,-

Individual sessions € 150,-

packages tailored to requirements & timeline

Or choose for our Surge Package

6 months package of 2 Monthly Advanced Mindset Coaching sessions : Life Mapping, Peak Performance, Mental Toughness and Emotional Endurance, Tools in Stress and setback management and much more..

starting at

€ 1745,-