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Improve the quality of your Night rest to increase the Quality of your life

Much like a car, which cannot drive on an empty tank, a body lacking sufficient deep sleep will fizzle out & will be unable to keep you moving through life at high energy. Although Nutrition and Exercise are important, without sufficient REST and RESET you will be driving in car on 3 wheels.

Sleep coaching will address

Inability to fall asleep at night

Broken sleep with continuous awakening through the night and inability to stay in the sleep state

Waking up unrested and inability to perform at high energy through the day

Tiredness related food cravings

Hormonal imbalance due to inadequate quality sleep

Inability to maintain a healthy body weight

Mental fog and sluggish tendencies in the afternoons

Will improve

Vitality, energy and focus

Sex drive

Higher mental and physical performance

Ability to lose body fat and maintain healthy lean body mass for increased metabolism and weight loss

Correcting health conditions caused by insufficient sleep hormones: fat gain around the waist, headaches, sugar dependence and much more


Initial intake € 175,-

Individual sessions € 120,-

10 session package + 1 free session: € 1140, –

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2 Monthly Advanced Mindset Coaching sessions: Life Mapping, Peak Performance, Mental Toughness and Emotional Endurance, Tools in Stress and setback management and much more..