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Building a foundation | package

Self Development
life coaching

Package details

2 -4 Monthly Advanced Mindset Coaching

SELF-Development Life Mapping, Peak Performance (NLP for Ultimate Performance & Leadership) 

Mental Toughness and Emotional Endurance, Tools in Stress and setback management.

Providing a practice and self-inquiry system for continued success

Sleep management Coaching, Burnpout recovery/pervention/ Meditation


Frequent Email & WhatsApp contact for support and questions.

You will achieve

Intake includes a Life Assessment Questionnaire & constructing the most suitable Coaching method for your individual needs and goal setting

Become Superhuman: overcome Limiting self beliefs, take your Emotional Endurance, Mental Toughness & Mindset to Unparalleled new heights in pursuit of Personal & Professional Life Optimization

Become Antifragile: build skills to create a steady & bulletproof mindset in the midst of life’s chaos.

Excell in communication, selling and your ability to lead

Learn how to set Stretch goals personally and professionally

Develop a Stress and Sleep Management routine or high performance, Vitality and Longevity

Discover your true potential and reach beyond competence


Initial intake   € 175,-

Single session € 150,-

6 months package € 1745,- 

12 months package € 3456,-